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A New Place to Drink and Dance

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To: People who go out at night
From: UrbanDaddy
Re: Curious new lounge

We now live in a world where Sidebar exists. It’s a head-turning salvo in Uptown’s drinking, dancing and bottle-servicing repertoire, now open on Fridays and Saturdays—those glorious proving grounds for testing out new experiences.

Let’s begin with a look inside.

The first thing you’ll notice: there’s a big backlit sign on the wall that says “Keep Dallas Pretentious.” It’s equal parts tongue-in-cheek battle cry and actual foreshadowing. And it means you should expect a strict dress code, lines out front and a vibe that gets dancier as the night gets later.

So it’s the kind of place where you might find yourself at midnight when you’ve had a few drinks and you want to keep the party going. Or say you’ve got some clients in town who want to feel special. A lady in a red dress pouring them glasses of nice bubbly things can have that effect.

Either way, gather your nightlife associates at one of those red banquettes, order a champagne-spiked cocktail, dance around to some Top 40, take a photo with that sign, have fun and don’t take any of it too seriously.

--End of memo--

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