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Pawn of a New Day

A Pawnshop-Themed Bar on McKinney Ave

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Your typical pawnshop: cluttered, weird, a little sad.

This pawnshop: it’s really a bar.

Which makes all the difference.

Take a look around Uptown Pawn, an all-day hangout that merges pawnshop curios with all the essentials of an actual bar, slated to open Saturday on McKinney Ave. (See it here.)

This place comes from the guys behind recently opened TBD, that lively club around the corner. And here, they’ve taken over the old Belly & Trumpet spot. So that quaint house... still a quaint house.

But now the patio’s been expanded and revamped for all your alfresco-drinking needs. And inside, there’s a bright-blue bar, cozy couches and an assortment of stuff for sale. Animal heads, guitars, furniture, art, you name it.

When the menu launches, you can snack on bar food like burgers and wings. But for now, busy yourself with beer, wine and something called the Lunch Box. It’s a frozen mug of beer topped with orange juice and spiked with an amaretto shot. It pairs with sunshine, more drinks and having nowhere else to be.

And feel free to browse around. If you see something you like, check the tag, because everything has a price.

Not to sound all cynical.

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