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Two Floors of Drinks and Sports

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Good news. Frankie’s is back. The new incarnation of that former McKinney Ave hangout has just opened a two-story operation with no shortage of beers and TVs. You can find it in Downtown, and you can see it right here.

Back then, it was a friendly spot for watching games and enjoying refreshments. You can still do both, but now you’ve got two floors of exposed bricks and dangling Edison bulbs to work with. So it’s nicer.

Let’s break it down by floor.

Upstairs: This is where you enter. And this is where you’ll find a backlit bar pouring 20 drafts. Take a seat, drink something cold, request a pizza and some ahi tuna nachos, and turn your attention to one of those 27 TVs. They’re easy to find.

Downstairs: This is your darker, moodier, loungier spot with black banquettes, club chairs and pool tables, plus 17 more TVs and another bar. You can’t be running up and down stairs every time you need a refill.

For right now, all of that will take place at night. But very soon, they’ll begin serving lunch. Because people work in Downtown and because those people also eat lunch.

It’s a well-conceived plan.

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