Masque and You Shall Receive

Champagne and Decadence on McKinney

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A bar called “The Mask” where everyone looks like a green-faced Jim Carrey would be terrifying.

This, on the other hand...

This is Masque, an attractive new den of drinks, tapas and overall decadence, now open above Fat Rabbit on McKinney Ave. (See some photos and the menu.)

To find this place, just walk inside Fat Rabbit and head toward the back. Then proceed in an orderly fashion up the stairs, because that’s where they’re keeping brown leather booths, masquerade-themed art and plenty of red and gold. It’s not a dive bar.

If you want snacks, they’ve got those. A charcuterie board, beef-tenderloin bites and mussels steamed with Herbsaint. If you want drinks, they’ve got those, too. And if you want a masked server to saunter over with a bottle of champagne, thereby prompting your group to drink said champagne whilst dancing around, all you have to do is ask.

And here’s something. Right in front there’s a glass-encased room with top hats hanging from the ceiling. They call it the Top Hat Room. Which seems appropriate. And inside, you might also find entertainment in the form of dancing ladies.

And that’s the story of how top hats got their thunder stolen.

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