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Like a Fallout Shelter Filled with Wine

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Winter. Time to burrow below the earth and ride out the cold.

No, not to hibernate. But because that’s where your wine is.

Introducing Domaine DC, a just-opened outfit that keeps track of your vino, stores it under optimal conditions and gives you a private lounge in which to drink it, accepting members now.

Housed in an 11,000-square-foot former auto body shop, this below-ground warehouse is basically like a fallout shelter filled with thousands of bottles of wine. Granted, most of it is other people’s, but let’s focus on yours for now. They’ll hold it in a private locker ranging from 10-case size to 5,000-case size. For a little more, they’ll even inventory it all for you, as well as pull your bottles and box them up for pickup if, say, the Italian ambassador is coming to visit and you’d like to pour him something... from Napa.

But if you’d rather your juice never sees the light of day again, that’s fine, too. Anytime you like, you can drop by with friends, grab a couple bottles of your favorite vintage and settle into the lounge, all done up in barn wood, barrels and maps of wine regions.

Glassware. Check. Couches. Check. Flat-screen. Check.

A drinking game with your ’82 Bordeaux: you’re on your own.


Domaine DC
4221 Connecticut Ave NW
(near Van Ness St)
Washington, DC, 20008


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