Moonlight Kayaking with River & Trail Outfitters

Full Moon Fever

Paddling the Potomac by Moonlight

UD - Moonlight Kayaking with River & Trail Outfitters It’s nighttime. There’s a full moon. You’re quietly paddling your way across a still stretch of river.

You are either: a) filming a movie with Ice Cube, awaiting the appearance of a giant tropical snake, or b) on a date on the Potomac.

Hint: it’s probably b). Welcome to Moonlight Kayaking with River & Trail Outfitters, now taking bookings for September’s full-moon excursion.

Think of this as the date scene at the beginning of “Thriller,” only on a boat. And you’re wearing a lot less werewolf makeup.

You’ll arrive in tiny Knoxville, Maryland, a stone’s throw from Harpers Ferry, check in and choose your vessel (in addition to two-person kayaks, they’ve got two-person canoes). You’ll start out by following your guides upstream, just as the sun begins to set. About halfway into your two-hour trip, the light will go flat, the moon will come up over the trees, you’ll break out a flask of hot rum, and then... deliver that tour de force of a romantic line that you’ve been sitting on all day (something involving the nape of her neck and the arch of her foot).

Now, if that romantic line inspires a dark, nocturnal dip into the water, you’ll be happy to know that thanks to the flat, shallow water, you won’t freeze.

And the same holds true if she tosses you in.


Moonlight Kayaking with River & Trail Outfitters
604 Valley Rd
Knoxville, MD, 21758

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