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Ponies and Pints in Washington, VA

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The third date. The make-or-break. The one where your creativity needs to shine.

We're thinking a country escape. But not just any country escape—an afternoon galloping around on polo ponies in this coming weekend's 75-degree sun. Followed, naturally, by dinner from the head chef at that bastion of fine dining known as the Pentagon.

Which brings us to The Blue Rock Inn, now open to add ponies and pubbing to your next day trip in the Old Dominion.

Arriving, you'll recognize all the hallmarks of a refined Virginia inn: vineyards, gardens and the occasional fireplace. Breeze past all that, wander up the hill alongside an old steeplechase track and stop at the stables. There, you'll find Martin. Master of about 20 horses, he'll saddle you up and show you the finer points of handling a mallet, before you embark on a couple of rounds of entry-level polo. (Hint: let your date win.)

Once you part ways with your trusty steeds, you'll venture back to the inn's new pub, with a stone bar, blues in the speakers and a stout in your hand. (Though this weekend, you might prefer a sunset drink on the patio.) Soon, you'll be drawn to the dining room, where you'll enjoy a menu dreamed up by Pentagon Executive Chef Gerard Pangaud, and its Medallions of Stuffed Lamb with Artichokes, Garlic and Basil.

We hear it's Petraeus's favorite, too.

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