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Vintage Barware from the Playboy Club

UD - Classic Champagne Coupes Today, we're here to talk to you about your drinking habits.

They're a little new-fashioned. In fact... they need a little more Hef.

That's why we're letting you in on a little secret we found lurking in the basement of Andersonville vintage shop Brimfield: Classic Champagne Coupes—the very ones last seen being served by cotton-tailed, bunny-eared waitresses at the original Chicago Playboy Club. (We're still looking for the cotton tails and bunny ears).

Imagine the conversations this stemware has been privy to: Hugh, Barbi Benton and Henry Kissinger huddled in a booth, discussing détente, the Paris Peace Accords and Barbi's soon-to-explode singing career. (If only these glasses could talk...) And while this style of stemware is enjoying a resurgence at mixology havens like Gilt Bar and the Exchange, you'll also find them useful when building a champagne pyramid at your next soiree. (It's a classy touch.)

Which reminds us: the original design is said to have been modeled to the contours of Marie Antoinette's... curvier assets (like the ones you'll find in Hef's magazine), which the French aristocracy considered the perfect shape and size for sipping bubbly.

When it comes to champagne, you never argue with the French.


Classic Champagne Coupes
available at Brimfield
5219 N Clark St
(between Farragut and Foster)
Chicago, IL, 60640

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