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We almost tossed out a Bob Seger reference right here.

Almost said something like “Detroit’s back, baby.”

But let’s just skip to the part about watches and leather and bikes instead...

They’re at Shinola, a new brick-and-mortar from the Motor City–based dapper slingers you’re surely on a first-name basis with by now. It’s currently open on Damen, and here’s the slideshow to prove it.

Exposed brick. Industrial lighting. Poster-size Bruce Weber black-and-whites on the wall. That’s what you’re walking into here. And on the off chance you still have some holiday shopping to do...

For the horologist: You’ve already seen their watches on some of the better wrists out there. Like the Black Blizzard with Swiss movements, a hand-built titanium strap and an interchangeable rubber one for less formal occasions. Get that one.

For the bicyclist: The Runwell is inspired by the steeds that Paris newspaper couriers favored back in the day. Works fine in Chicago, too.

For the dental hygienist: Hidden among the leather iPhone cases, bags, wallets and backpacks, you’ll also find one tiny Horween leather pouch. Its task is simple: to carry an arsenal of toothpicks. It’s the little things.

For the diarist: Notebooks that they’ll personalize on-site with an old-fashioned embosser.

You were pretty sure there’d be an embosser.


1619 N Damen Ave
(between North and Wabansia)
Chicago, IL, 60647


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