Husky Power Dogsledding

Get Out of Dodge

Dogsledding Your Way Through Maryland

We have it on good authority that we may be visited by another light dusting of snow in the next few days.

While your instinct upon hearing this little tidbit of news may be to curse the heavens, sink deeper into your bourbon-fueled fever dream or bathe in your award-winning chili, we think you need to get out of the house. We know some dogs that want to help...

Presenting Husky Power Dogsledding in the northern reaches of Maryland, just the woodsy excursion you need.

Think of this as your chance to turn the tables on nature and conquer the elements that have mercilessly pummeled you all winter. Heading out of the snow into deeper snow (we're talking 5 feet) like some wild mountain man of yesteryear, you'll summon a half-dozen beasts to speed you over, through and around the woods as snowed-in, cabin-fevered, weaker folk sit idly by and exhaust their Netflix queue.

You'll learn to tether the Siberian and Alaskan huskies to the sled, and get them to heed your every command as you gallivant about 600 acres of wild public lands dotted with sharp drops and hairpin curves through the tress.

Just like your ancestors did. If you happen to be Finnish.


Husky Power Dogsledding
2008 Bumble Bee Rd
Accident, MD, 21520

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