Drink Up

The Boozy LinkedIn You've Been Waiting For

UD - DrinkedIn You can't help but feel like social networking sites just aren't doing any good.

Sure, there are Facebook pages raising money for Haiti, Iranian protests on Twitter and some hilarious cat videos on MySpace.

But we're talking about really doing some good. Like helping you find a new favorite cocktail.

Welcome to DrinkedIn, a new site devoted to drinking and only drinking, online now.

Now, first things first: despite the name, this doesn't work a damned thing like LinkedIn. But that's okay—you're not here to get a job promotion, post a résumé or poke anyone. No, this is about drinking—where to do it, what to have and who to have it with. (Think of it as a one-stop resource for all the things you'll forget the morning after.) And all with a puzzling user interface that suggests its designers might have been drinking when they designed it.

So you'll start by creating a profile declaring your favorite cocktail, and then you can begin reviewing pubs, rating drinks and arranging meetups with vodka-loving cheerleaders.

And you'll also find a carefully curated collection of videos about boozing—like this vintage clip of a pre-sweater Bill Cosby riffing on the nature of a good booze binge.

All without a single mention of Jell-O pudding.

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