4/20 Is Upon Us: Here's What's New in Weed

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For much of the population, April 20 is just a spring day.

They might associate it with the first few weeks of baseball season, or a realization that their taxes are late.

But for others, it's a national holiday. One that, while not recognized by the post office or "the man" is still a fine reason to stay home, hang with friends and partake in that feel-good plant called cannabis.

So, with 4/20 nearly upon us, here are six compelling new items to eat, smoke and use this year.

Shrimp Nigiri Pipe

Session Goods makes and sells some of the best bongs and pipes in the game. That includes fun ones like this Empire Glassworks nigiri pipe that resembles shrimp, rice and seaweed. It's not the most discreet option in the world, but only because you'll get so many quizzical looks followed by nods of approval. 

Houseplant Record Holder Ashtray

Seth Rogen-led Houseplant makes some of the most interesting smoking accessories on the market. That includes ashtrays, like this Record Holder Ashtray, which lets you hold the record you're spinning while ashing the joint you're smoking.

Golden Hour

Golden Hour is a wellness-focused cannabis company making gummies that are infused with a unique blend of hemp-derived THC and other cannabinoids, plus nootropics and adaptogens. Each product is targeted to a specific use, like energy, relaxation or sleep. if you need a hat or tote bag, they've also got some good-looking merch.

Edie Parker Balloon Pipe

There aren't too many bongs that can be displayed on your coffee table or bookshelves like a work of art. But this Edie Parker balloon pipe is the exception to that rule. It's a fine combo of form and function and it's available in three colors: light blue, pink and red.

Vessel Sage Bundle

Vessel's limited-edition Sage bundle features a vape pen, base charger and carrying case to keep you organized. More importantly, Vessel has partnered with Last Prisoner Project and is donating $1 per bundle to the organization, which works to free individuals still unjustly imprisoned for cannabis offenses.

Honest Grinder

Honest makes an assortment of bongs, pipes, and ashtrays, and this new grinder can help with all of them. The precision machined grinder has a clear glass base and an ergonomic silicone grip. And it's refreshingly large, so you can grind for a crowd.

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