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Golden Hour Makes Edibles for Every Occasion

The Gummies Contain THC and Functional Ingredients Meant for Energy, Relaxation and Sleep

Image: Golden Hour

The Aussies have given us a lot over the years, including lovable sayings like "no worries" and lovable people like Margot Robbie.

Now a few Australians turned New Yorkers have launched a new cannabis company inspired by the Australian way of life.

Golden Hour is a family-run business that wants to shake off the stoner stereotype associated with cannabis, and lean into its wellness benefits.

The company currently makes three types of wellness gummies, plus a selection of handsome merch, including hats, hoodies and a tote bag. But assuming you're here for the effects more than for a crewneck, the gummies are infused with a unique blend of hemp-derived THC and other cannabinoids, plus nootropics and adaptogens, and are targeted to specific uses: energy, relaxation, and sleep. All are available to purchase online.

three tins of golden hour wellness gummies
Golden Hour

The Energy gummies are available in a strawberry cream flavor and contain 10mg THC per piece, plus a blend of cordyceps, ashwagandha, guarana, ginseng and magnesium meant to elevate your mood and lift you up.

Relax comes in a lemon drop flavor and packs ingredients geared toward tranquility and winding down at the end of the day. Each piece has 10mg THC, along with a blend of lion’s mane mushroom and ashwagandha. 

Sleep features 4mg THC per piece along with 2mg melatonin. The blueberry-flavored gummy also has L-theanine, chaga mushroom and magnesium glycinate, a mixture that can help you drift off to sleep and wake up feeling refreshed, without a groggy hangover.

The portable 10-piece tins are reminiscent of Altoids containers, but better because they're filled with edibles and not curiously strong mints, and each is adorned with fun art. You can buy individual tins or get a three-pack to experience each product. And whichever one you choose, Golden Hour suggests starting with a half dose and waiting 30 minutes. If you'd like to increase the effects, take the other half.

A little personal experimentation showed good results. The Sleep gummies promoted relaxation at the end of the day and helped to quiet my mind — often a culprit that delays sleep for me — while the Relax gummies took the edge off without gluing me to the couch. I'm not usually one to mix cannabis and actual activity, preferring instead to enjoy at home. But the Energy product seemed to give me a little lift while I worked and handled some chores. They were all fast-acting, even at half a dose.

There are tons of cannabis options on the market now, but Golden Hour sports some of the best branding we've seen. Plus, it's helpful to have edibles specifically targeted to energy, relaxation and sleep.

Three things we could all use more of.

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