This Compact Pizza Oven Cooks Pies in 60 Seconds

The Gozney Arc Fires at 900 Degrees to Make Restaurant-Quality Pizzas

Image: Gozney

It's relatively easy to cook a great steak at home, but pizza is one of those dishes that's best left to the professionals.

Because while you may be armed with basic kitchen appliances, you're not sporting a professional grade pizza oven that fires at temps up to 900 degrees and churns out pies in 60 seconds.

Well, unless you've got the newly launched Gozney Arc, of course. In that case, we'll take a pepperoni with onions and mushrooms.

The Arc is a follow up to the larger, wood-burning Gozney Dome. This compact model is meant for making 14-inch pizzas with the same precision as the ovens in your favorite pizza shops. It uses a gas burner that creates a traditional, lateral rolling flame that simulates wood fire, providing even heat and lightning fast cook times, and a removable stone floor that retains heat. It can reach and hold temps up to 950 degrees, so you can knock out pizzas for a crowd in just a few minutes.

pizza cooks in a gozney arc pizza oven

It's not a one trick pony, though. The Arc is designed to cook all styles of pizza — hot and fast Neapolitan, classic and steady New York, low and slow Detroit, and whatever else you're into. Fine tune the temperature using the controls and digital gauge to get the perfect bake every time.

You can also mix things up and opt for something that's not pizza. The oven lets you roast fish and vegetables or cook steaks with a perfect crust.

And should you require more cooking space, the brand also just introduced the Arc XL, which is essentially the same product, but slightly bigger to accommodate 16-inch pizzas. And that's a compelling proposition.

Pizza is not one of those less-is-more scenarios.

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