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A Log Cabin Stocked With Wine

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You've long appreciated a good wine's powers to seduce—from room service champagne to a fireside bottle of trophy Burgundy (bearskin rug encouraged).

But to experience romance where the grapes live, you had to spring for a trip to Napa. Well, Middleburg, anyway.

But this weekend, that's all about to change...

Introducing Paradise Springs Winery, opening this Saturday to fuel your make-or-break daytime dates.

In short, your day-trip arsenal just got a new, 36-acre destination. Make the roughly 40-minute drive out, and you'll soon be sampling vino in a 19th-century log cabin house, renovated 50 years ago by a protégé of Frank Lloyd Wright. (Be sure to thank him for the built-in fireplaces.)

In the wood-paneled tasting room, you'll run through a flight of eight wines, from impressive Old Dominion stalwarts like Cab Franc to "Wow, they make that here?" varietals like Vidal Blanc and Rosé. Grab a bottle of your favorite, along with some cheese and salami, then repair downstairs to a second bar in the dark, low-ceilinged stone cellar—basically, a Bordeaux wine cave—and take a seat at the upturned wine barrel for drinks and some quiet conversation.

Which reminds us: you should probably bring a date.


Paradise Springs Winery
13219 Yates Ford Road
Clifton, VA, 20124


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