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A Scale That Tweets

UD - WiFi Body Scale Real quick, let's talk about tomorrow.

You'll be kicking off a month of orgiastic overindulgence, engaging in all kinds of sordid activity—like eating who-knows-what and pulling off dance moves you'll eventually demand be pulled from YouTube.

And all of that might leave you in something less than peak physical condition.

But while we can't help you with any resulting headaches (metaphorical or otherwise), we can help you—and your online universe of followers—keep track of the damage.

Introducing the Withings WiFi Body Scale, the world's first tweeting scale, available now.

Now, we don't want to alarm you—this is first and foremost an ordinary scale, and won't go tweeting without your permission, thereby leaving your legions of disciples highly confused (and grossly overinformed). But yes, it has WiFi—so you can step onto the glass-and-metal surface, wait a sec for it to weigh you, and then have it magically beam your stats to the nearest computer. (Mark down this date because the future is now.)

But first, set up some basic weight-loss goals using the software, and you'll start tracking basics like your BMI. And should you feel compelled to overshare—or just find masochism motivational—you can have the scale automatically send your weight to Twitter every time you step onto it.

You can't say you won't add followers.

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