The Best of UrbanDaddy New York 2017

Champagne Parlors, Comely Rooftops and Immersive Adult Playgrounds. All Check.

By Ilana Dadras ·

Been a decent year... in so far as New York hotel rooftops, indulgent dates and 1970s rec room-themed bars go. 

We won't discuss this year otherwise.

We will, however, pay a final visit to the ten best things we discussed in 2017. It is our humble hope that these stories made your year a bit more tolerable. Or at least, increased the number of champagne cocktails consumed and nights spent on beautiful rooftops. 

Now, let's throw it back to...

10. The Dumbo waterfront date spot that spawned a thousand other Dumbo waterfront date spots. 

9. That one date that involved a golden sauna, caviar service on a scenic terrace and gargantuan crystal pitchers full of champagne punch.

8. The absolute best 12 sandwiches in New York City, hands down, yet also totally relative and only according to us. 

7. A most glorious place upstate to stay nights, eat local food and sip whiskey next to a fire.   

6. Our favorite new restaurant slash '70s-inspired rec room bar on the LES.

5. That one comely rooftop cocktail bar where Gil Bouhana might've handed you an entire honeydew full of tequila with a tiny paper umbrella protruding from it.

4. The most significant new hotel opening of the year, courtesy of one Ian Schrager.  

3. A '20s-inspired champagne parlor with 125-plus bottles of champagne and a secret little record bar for whiskey and izakaya tucked downstairs. 

2. The closest thing to an "immersive adult playground" you're likely to come across.

1. Eight rooftops ready for your wintertime enjoyment: some masquerading as cabins, some with killer Central Park views and some with warm cider-rye drinks.

Ilana Dadras

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