The Ridiculously Indulgent Date

Golden Saunas, Caviar Service, and a Not-So-Impromptu Staycation

By Ilana Dadras ·
L'Appart: Ryan Crown, Fowler & Wells: Oleg March, Augustine: Augustine
And now, for our next installment of Summer Dates: a super creatively titled series where we dream up every kind of person you might be out with, every situation, every weather, and every allergy possibility and put them into a special machine that spits out flawless itineraries for up to a full day of planned togetherness. Either that, or we just crafted them from stuff we know and like. We’ll never tell.

Today, we’ve got your indulgent date itinerary, to reference when you and someone you particularly enjoy feel like sweating it out in a golden sauna, sampling caviar flights and sharing sautéed foie gras in a beautiful luxe old-school barroom...

To say nothing of your drinks, which will be heavy on the champagne and arrive in a gargantuan crystal pitcher. 

You want more details, we've got more details.
Ilana Dadras

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