You Are Now Free to Glamp Around Governors Island

Collective Retreats Has the Luxury Tents, Short Rib Ragu and Campfire S'mores Waiting

By Ilana Dadras ·


Welcome back to the work week.

Now let's talk about getting the hell out of town...

To Collective Governors Island: a luxury glamping retreat just a short ferry ride from the city—making it a fine Hamptons alternative for escaping a couple nights—booking now. Yes, you should get on it sooner than later.

The draws here are plentiful: good food, great views, a nice tent you don't have to set up, someone on board to serve you platters of strawberry pie. And the company here is behind similar retreats in Colorado, Montana, upstate New York and Texas—enough places that you can trust they've perfected the art of the rustic-chic safari tent. 

Go ahead, book a weekend in the not-far-off future. Invite someone who you'd want to bike, watch the sunset and share an oversized tent with. Get on a ferry for literally five-to-eight minutes. Once you arrive, make for the Western promenade—that's where you'll find your summit tent: a highly comfortable hotel room-but-not, complete with its own rain shower, private deck and other things you'll enjoy.

You'll be close to all the good stuff the Island has to offer: bike rides, sunset yoga classes, art installations, Island Oyster—that handsome 100-foot long bar on the water's edge we've spoken about before but we won't blame you for not having made it out. Now's your chance. Just make sure you're back at the "campsite"'s restaurant, Three Peaks, for dinner. They're sourcing a lot of ingredients on the Island, and you can expect things like short rib ragu pasta, pan-roasted catch of the day and other perfect summer sustenance. S'mores by the campfire for dessert. Obviously.

Any further convincing necessary will be done in the form of camp-in-the-foreground, skyline-in-the-background photos, which you'll find right here...

Ilana Dadras

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