Mr. C Seaport: A Luxe New Hotel from the Cipriani Family

With Sweeping Views, an Italian Eatery and Many a Gratis Bellini

Photo: Oleg March

For when a visiting friend needs a European charmer of a hotel...

For when you, personally, need a platter of spaghetti with sea urchin...

For when one just sort of feels like being greeted with a bellini...

There's now Mr. C Seaport, the first boutique hotel in NYC from the fourth generation Cipriani brothers, now open down in the Seaport District with some killer views of the East River, Brooklyn Bridge and downtown skyline.

It's a nice hotel, handsome in a safe sort of way: with rooms heavy on the grays and marble, a lobby full of velvet sofas and plenty of scenic terraces we can picture you on. If you're sleeping here, the premium suites are the way to go—each with its own private terrace, rain shower and custom handmade Italian furniture. In classic Cipriani fashion, they'll welcome each guest with a gratis Bellini (the cocktail was invented by Giuseppe Cipriani in 1948, after all), and guests will also be offered an afternoon "aperitivo" hour in the lobby lounge—plus a full bar to continue imbibing on/near. 

Should you not actually be sleeping here, there's still an Italian restaurant you may want to try out—it's called Bellini, because of course it is, and it's where you'll sit across from dates with plates of tagliolini with zucchini and scampi; spaghetti with sea urchin; and ricotta cheesecake with candied orange between you.

Some visual evidence of some, if not all, of the above: right through here... 

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