Matte Projects' Full Moon Fest Hits Brooklyn This Weekend

Just You, James Murphy and a Few Thousand Beautiful New Yorkers in a Greenery-Filled Warehouse

By Ilana Dadras ·
Full Moon Fest

We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming to bring word of Full Moon Fest: Matte Projects' annual summer ritual of love, music, art and leisure inspired by the monthly full moon parties held on the beaches of Thailand. It's going down this Saturday.

And while in past years we've trekked to Governors Island for the day-long event, this year, the crew is taking the festivities to deep Brooklyn. Knockdown Center, to be specific.

They've got Lily Kwong's firm on board with the decor—the massively talented landscape design aficionados responsible for turning the Brooklyn Mirage into a place that feels far more Miami than Bushwick—and they'll be importing tons of greenery to transform the expansive industrial space. 

It's where you'll wander from an Alidoro pop-up, sandwich full of mozzerella-prosciutto-other delicious things in hand, to a Van Leeuwen pop-up for something frozen and pink lemonade-flavored. Or not. These are just ideas. Just know they'll all be a bit more involved than your typical festival vendor booths, each bringing elements of their brick-and-mortars to the space. 

Now, topping the line up are indie electronic group Metronomy and the legendary, ever-present-at-these-sorts-of-things James Murphy, and a ton of smaller acts playing across three stages throughout the day—from folk-rock bands like Whitney to up-and-comers like the lovely London-based Ama Lou. It's all super well curated, which makes good sense with Matte involved. 

And if your girlfriend disappears into a dark room that smells like flowers, don't fear. It's this thing Margiela's behind, wherein you'll experience all sorts of thematic music festival-related imagery and fragrances and sounds.

We'd venture to guess this thing will sell out, so we'd head right through here for some discounted tickets, right now.

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