Two Beautiful Spots Prime for Oyster Consumption

From the Grand Banks Folks, Two New Oyster Bars

By Ilana Dadras ·
Pilot: Oleg March Island Oyster: Doug Lyle Thompson
Some people just know what they're good at. 

Some people are good at a couple of things and combine said things to the benefit of all of mankind. 

Take the Grand Banks folks, for instance. They're a couple of sailor-restauranteurs who are particularly good at making beautiful date spots floating on or in close proximity to the sea. And they've just opened two of those, so let's get you familiar. 

Introducing Pilot and Island Oyster: one's a historic racing schooner, one's a handsome waterfront bar, and both are open now. Below you'll find some pertinent facts which should help in your decision-making process when choosing which one to hit first. 

Where You'll Find It
Pilot: Come with a date and walk your way down the waterfront from the Manhattan Bridge to Pier 6. It's a nice walk. When you hit said Pier, make a swift right and head down the dock. You'll know you're there when you see a rare 1924 racing schooner, and many jolly people drinking on it. There's only one.
Island Oyster: On Governor's Island, which truly isn't as terribly inconvenient as it sounds. It's adjacent to the ferry landing. 

What It Looks Like
Pilot: A beautiful boat with two bars (one c-shaped marble-topped situation; one long wooden bar with nautical-looking clocks and flowers), plenty of stools and bright white two-tops, sweeping views of the city. 
Island Oyster: They partnered with an Ace Hotel guy to create this sprawling, super low-key and casual spot. Turquoise and light wood floors, yellow and white striped awnings over a 100-foot long bar on the water's edge. The vibe is... fun, maybe. Good, clean, summer fun. 

When You'll Use It
Pilot: First dates. Third dates. Been together for a minute dates. All the dates.
Island Oyster: This one's got more of a group outing or friends get together vibe. Take the ferry. Rent some bikes. Make a day of it. 

What to Eat
Pilot: They've got a lobster roll on a soft buttery bun lined with pickles, which is real good. Also, the softshell crab poboy with scallion, shisito, and harissa. And the oyster selection is solid, obviously.
Island Oyster: You've got to stick with oysters for now, but a full menu is on the way: black angus burgers, lobster rolls, and all.

What to Drink
Pilot: Tough call. Maybe go with the Spirit Animal (light rum, Aperol, coconut, lemon, strawberries). Or the Life At Sea, which has vodka, blackberries and mint.
Island Oyster: They've got plenty of cocktails on tap, and the Grand Banks crew's Brooklyn-made summer beer.

Now that you're sufficiently informed, feel free to head on into the slideshow.

Pier 6 @ Brooklyn Bridge Park

Island Oyster
10 South St
The Ferry Landing at Governors Island
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