A Stunning, Sky-Scraping '20s-Inspired Lounge With David Burke in the Kitchen

From the Team Behind Refinery Hotel, Here's Elsie Rooftop

By Ilana Dadras ·
Elsie Rooftop

Elsie de Wolfe (aka Lady Mendl) was an American actress, interior decorator, and socialite—known for her style, wit, good taste and hosting parties frequented by Coco Chanel and the Duke and Duchess of Windsor. As one does. 

She's also the inspiration behind this lavishly decorated, '20s-inspired midtown lounge. 

It's called Elsie Rooftop, and it's open now for you to employ for imminent happy hour outings/date nights.

The vibe here: well, extravagant. A "villa on the rooftop" sort of feel. It's meant to feel like you've been invited to Wolfe's personal penthouse, and they drive home the theme with a mirrored hallway, high ceilings, antique mirrors and Versailles parquet flooring. Post up at the blue marble bar-top, or claim some seats in the flower garden as the sun sets. It's not a bad situation, no.

Let's talk drinks... an Elsie de Wolfe's got vodka, cucumber and rosé; the Colony Club's got mezcl, pineapple agave and grapefruit; the Windsor is a winning vodka, strawberry, basil and ginger beer drink. All are good. And all pair well with the Chef David Burke-crafted menu, which boasts things like grilled cheese with caviar and miso shrimp cocktail. 

Your menu: here.

Your slideshow: here.

And your weekend starts now...

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