Pig Bleecker is Going Beach For the Rest of the Summer

Bring Your Most Elegant Bib

By Geoff Rynex ·
Katie Burton

Brooklyn's Pig Beach is coming to Manhattan to inhabit its slightly more refined cousin, Pig Bleecker. This is happening from now through the rest of the summer. You need to know because it's extremely, extra summer. Here's what it all means:

The burger is here and it's got pork. 
It's the Pig Beach Briggie. It's huge. It's messy. You need to eat it. 

The drinks are the summeriest on record.
They've got froze of course, for you to pretend you think is gauche as you eagerly anticipate the time when you can sneak your next 'ironic' sip. But there's also a tequila/San Pellegrino grapefruit number that comes in a can, a cocktail employing gin, elderflower, watermelon, lemon and cucumber, and their own IPA collaboration. It's just sun and cold refreshment coursing through you. 

They're doing barbecue by the pound.
Pulled pork, baby back ribs, smoked turkey and brisket, priced as nature intended.

They brought Nachos.
They call them Macho Nachos, and they're here in the slideshow. The tortilla chips are hoisting smoked meat, cheese sauce, pickled jalapeños, carrots and crema for you. 

They brought specials.
A fried chicken thigh sandwich, for one thing. And Yankee Red Hot Sausage, which is stuffed with cherries and provolone, for another. 

They're Pig Beachifying the whole place.
TVs have been mounted, trays have replaced those la-di-da plates and butcher paper has been laid.

They've got a menu for you to look at.
Right here.

Geoff Rynex

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