Turntable Rock Café and Lounge: A Casual Korean Gastropub With a Serious Sound System

Good Tunes, Boozy Slushies and Fried Chicken in NoMad

By Ilana Dadras ·
Photo: Oleg March

Happy Friday.

Just one thing, before you head off on your weekend-ing way. We have this gastropub full of old records and spicy fried chicken you may want to utilize tonight. 

Sure, we'll go on.

On to Turntable Rock Café & Lounge, a casual new spot with a notable Korean chef in the kitchen and way above average hi-fi sound system. It's open now in NoMad for when you may need or desire such things. And its best traits are broken down for your convenience, below...

The owner here is a world-traveling audiophile who has amassed over 50,000 records. 
Turntable was inspired by his passion for music. Look around, you'll find a catwalk lined with his LP collection, vintage Van Halen concert posters, even a photo of the audio engineer responsible for the crisp hi-fi sound here. 

Related: Audio nerds will notice the JBL Paragon speaker cabinet in the back—an iconic, lusted-over speaker first made in '57.
The open-format DJs here will be putting it to good use.

Okay, let's talk food. The kind made here by an ex-Soogil and Brasserie Seoul chef.
Shoestring fries smothered in sautéed kimchi and applewood smoked bacon, stir fried spicy pork tacos, fried oysters with katsuobushi, katsu sauce and wasabi aioli. It's all casual fare that you'll grab yourself and share with friends.

Pair it with beer, sake or boozy slushies.
Note, the beer here uses the Bottoms Up system, which fills cups from the bottom up using a special magnet. 

The more you know.

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