Air’s Champagne Parlor

A ’20s-Inspired Lounge for Champagne Dating

Caviar’s Here Too

By Ilana Dadras ·
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Something about this place screams Thursday date night.

Could be the 125-plus bottles of champagne and sparkling wine.

Could be the caviar and Thai-style coconut clams to pair with it.

Could be us having this most charming champagne lounge to share with you, and the fact that it is Thursday.

In any case, here’s Air’s Champagne Parlor: an attractive ’20s-inspired spot flush with velvet and an ample amount of sparkling wine, now open in Greenwich Village in the former Ladybird space.

It looks the way you’d imagine a champagne parlor would look—with deep purple velvet banquettes, bubble-inspired lights, thoughtfully placed palms and Art Deco-inspired details. A lone bar cart longing to be filled with bottles and rolled over by a member of the all-female sommelier team to your gilded leaf-shaped table.

Come with someone you’re into. Take a gander at the particularly extensive menu. There are plenty of options by the glass, more by the bottle and cocktails like the Camomille Collins (sherry, white port, champagne) to consider. There’s also something called WWBMD, which stands for What Would Bill Murray Do, and your answer will come in the form of champagne on ice with expressed lemon. Champagne flights here arrive in threes, a customized selection chosen by a sommelier after she asks you a few personal questions such as, “If you were completely full, what’s one food you could always still make room for?” and other apparently revealing queries.

And if the answer is hamachi tartar or caviar served alongside chive potato chips, you’re in luck. If the answer is roasted summer squash or duck confit, also in luck. You’ll find all of the food here pairs excellently with champagne.

Now have a look around, if you please.
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