The 12 Best Sandwiches in New York Right Now

Griddled Pimento Sandwiches, French Dip Sandwiches, the Most Delicious Sandwiches...

By Ilana Dadras ·
Photo: Oleg March

Before my colleague Geoff Rynex and I had a lengthy conversation about the most delicious, desirable, underrated and overrated sandwiches in New York right now, we had to establish some guidelines.

"No burgers," was the first thing Geoff said to me, as I approached the couch where he sat, gazing intently into the distance. I dutifully scribbled "BURGS" and put a line through it on the back of some hotel pitch I found on my desk.

"No hot dogs," came next. I nodded in agreement, thinking to myself that I haven't had a significant hot dog in many moons.

"What about grilled cheese?" I asked.

"Of course," Geoff nodded. "Grilled cheese is a sandwich." I cocked my head slightly to the right, and almost said some people might consider a burger a sandwich, but found my better sense.

Our conversation continued in this fashion. When we finally appeared to be on the same page, we made our way through an in-depth list of potential best sandwich in New York contenders: disagreeing on some, on the fence about a few, enthusiastically agreeing on many. What you'll see now are The 12 Best Sandwiches in New York, hands down, yet also totally relative and only according to us. 

To be fair, we eat a lot of sandwiches

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