They Call This Club an Immersive Adult Playground

Burlesque, Whiskey and Prosecco Pong at Rosewood Theater

By Ilana Dadras ·
Photo: Oleg March

Today, on this most sunny and promising Friday, we've got a forthcoming club to place solidly on your radar... 

The name is Rosewood Theater, a sexy lounge they're calling an "immersive adult playground," now soft-open and for-real opening on October 26th.

After wandering up to 38th street, you'll be greeted by a host and possibly escorted to a table in the cavernous, two-story theater. You'll find the space a dark, sexy labyrinth: it's all drawn curtains, chandelier-lit bars and a neon sign bright with the words "F*ck, Marry, Kill" (which, sweet Lord). 

Soldier on to the amber-glowing bar and have something like the Dita Von (sweet vermouth, whiskey, cherry brandy, orange bitters) or a champagne cocktail. Whatever feels right. Then, depending on the night, your mood, and surely many other factors, you might be in for:

—A whiskey-and-politics themed Wednesday.

—Burlesque. Lots of burlesque.

—A "Die Happy" lap dance fete, a party which we're backing for the name alone.

—Dueling pianos. We're glad dueling pianos made the list.

—Prosecco-pong parties.

—A pimp and harlot-themed Halloween event (this one's happening on Oct. 28th, so save the date and we'll give you more details soon.)

—A journey up their "Stairway to Heaven," ending in the members-only den.

Oh man, there's no way Zeppelin approved that.

Now, for some photos, and we'll send you on your weekend-ing way.

Ilana Dadras

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