Introducing UrbanDaddy Golf

All of the On-Course Style, Gear and Antics Fit to Print

Photo: Darren Carroll / Stringer / Getty Images
They say that golf is 90% mental. 

And the other 10% is... well that's what we're here for. 

Because today we're launching UrbanDaddy Golf, like a John Daly tee shot (far, sometimes wide and always a good time).

Yes, there will be golf puns. Yes, there will be impeccable golf style on display. Yes, you'll find a plethora of bon mots on everything from the toughest holes on earth to the pleasures of mediocre golf tournaments. And yes, we will be spiking all of our Arnold Palmers with booze.

You'll be happy to know we've already gotten into full swing, so you can start reading this instant and get appraised of the sort of stuff to look forward to in the coming weeks and months. 

In other words, what you'd call par for the course.

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