The Golden Age of Golf Style

Lessons on Loud Pants and Polo Shirting Learned from the Pros

There’s the right way to do golf style. And the wrong way.

The following gents did it the right way. And you can too—as long as you heed these five lessons we learned from the golf style greats.

The Golf Style Legend: Arnold Palmer.

The Lesson: Wear a polo shirt that fits right. The man was a true legend, who had many iconic moments over his storied carreer—and in the best looking ones, he always seemed to be wearing a polo shirt that fit him perfectly.

The Golf Style Legend: JFK.

The Lesson: There’s a place and time for a pair of statement pants. And that place and time is on a golf course.

The Golf Style Legend: Bobby Jones.

The Lesson: The classics never go out of style. The man who basically invented modern golf—and co-founded the Masters Tournament—was as classic a dresser as you could find.

The Golf Style Legend: Sammy Davis Jr.

The Lesson: You can never be too overdressed. Even in a double-breasted suit. Although your mileage may vary.

The Golf Style Legend: Sean Connery.

The Lesson: Never leave home without a sweater. You never know when things could take a turn for the brisk out on the course.   

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