Things to do for January 11, 2017

Your Weekend Requires This Hangover-Curing Breakfast Spaghetti

We’ve Also Got Your Eight Finest Sledding Hills, Right Here

By Ilana Dadras


The Caviar Party Starts Now

The Super Bowl is almost here, and with it: the chance to achieve total snacking domination. And while there are plenty of great utility players on your radar (nachos always wear their game face), this might be the year to bring in a ringer. Like a lot of caviar. Which, incidentally, also works well on nachos. Ah, teamwork.


So Now That Bill Murray and John Malkovich Are Designing Clothes...

... we had to take a close look at how their debut lines stack up against each other, from their aesthetics to their webshops to how many of their respective offerings one might wear while golfing. That’s right, it’s Murray vs. Malkovich.


Breakfast Spaghetti. We Repeat: Breakfast Spaghetti.

Bacon. Spaghetti. Cream. Parmesan. Kale. All put together in a carbonara-like pasta dish from the Bar Primi chef that’s fit for breakfast because, look, it’s got an egg on top. What else could you and your hangover possibly need?


Eight Epic Sledding Hills to Help You Shake the Winter Blues

Maybe you want to strap yourself into a toboggan and shoot across Lake Placid while it’s frozen. Or maybe you’d prefer to hurtle down one of 42 tubing runs in the Poconos, illuminated by an LED light show. Here are eight places prime for sledding, tubing and tobogganing this winter. Because sledding is fun as hell, that’s why.


Gordon Ramsay Is Your New Cooking Instructor

Who: Gordon Ramsay.
What: A 15-course online cooking tutorial on MasterClass, wherein you’ll learn everything from basic knife skills to how to make lobster ravioli from scratch. And, yes, you can upload videos for advice from fellow students and ask Ramsay himself questions.
Why: You’re going to need to impress a date at some point. And Ramsay can’t throw his frying pan at you through your computer screen, so there’s really nothing to worry about.

Ilana Dadras cannot discern between situations in which sarcasm is and is not appropriate. Her favorite things include mezcal cocktails, Big Sur and writing about herself in the third person.

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