Welter from the Storm

Warm, Waterproof, Straight Out of Amsterdam

By UrbanDaddy Staff ·
If you woke up today pondering the origins of the word “December” and wondering where you might find an array of Amsterdam-made waterproof parkas in varying weights and styles to keep you warm over the next few months...


Have we got something for you.

It’s called Welter Shelter, and it’s a Dutch brand constructing some rather nice coats and shipping them to your torso, wherever your torso may be. It’s online now.

So, you’ve got seven options to start. They all start with a three-layer windproof membrane whose only goal in life is to keep you warm and dry as hell.

And from there, well... the cotton trench coat could make sense on one of those days that feel like early September even though it’s early December which is alarming but just fine for your wardrobe.

Or there’s the lightweight Patagonian-wool parka, for when the weather is really doing what it’s going to do.

And then there’s the blended-wool parka with an added inner isolation jacket, for when you want to be warmer than everyone thinks you are.

Assuming nobody thinks you’re wearing an added inner isolation jacket.

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