Tyler, the Creator Is Behind Louis Vuitton's New Capsule Collection

The Spring '24 Collection Is Bright, Fun, and Full of Unexpected Gems

Image: Louis Vuitton

Last year when Louis Vuitton appointed Pharrell Williams as its new men’s creative director, it was clear the brand was ready to modernize its wares and expand its purview.

Now they're doubling down with a new capsule collection from Tyler, the Creator.

And it's got a lot more going for it than leather logo bags. Although those are accounted for, too.

The just-launched collection fuses Pharrell Williams’ signature vibe — think elegant dandy — with a sophisticated, preppy wardrobe. It leans into creamy colors across pastels, chocolate brown and vanilla, a delicious trio that evokes a patisserie as a nod to the donuts logo of the Odd Future hip-hop collective co-founded by Tyler, the Creator. And the capsule even features a new monogram hand-drawn by Tyler himself.

Louis Vuitton

The collection is diverse, with items ranging from jackets to silk shirts to a trunk. You have to start somewhere, and the cotton aviator jacket with its monogram fleece collar is a fine choice. Same goes for the embroidered varsity jacket, damier-print hooded anorak and embroidered raincoat.

Louis Vuitton

For your lower half, there's a pair of tailored chino pants, track pants and embroidered wool shorts. If you want to match, try the short-sleeved silk shirt with matching shorts, or the monogram denim jacket with matching denim pants.

The collection also includes a handful of accessories, like hats, bags, sneakers, belts, wallets and fragrances. There are even a few golf items, like an extra-luxurious golf bag in fairway green.

Louis Vuitton tyler the creator chess set
Louis Vuitton

Just when you think that's plenty to keep you occupied, they go and give you a fine-looking chess set.

Which is probably a better buy for all the high-handicappers out there.

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