Rugged Boots, Croatian Liqueur and Pickleball

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This is the Want List, a semi-frequent rundown of stylish new clothing, accessories, and gear our editors are feeling for one reason or another—and, for lack of a better word, want.

Today's edition includes retro-inspired boots, a Croatian spirit we should all be drinking, new advents in pickleball, and a handsome book from one of the world's best bars.

Herewith: seven essential items to collect and covet.

What it is: The Huckberry x Danner Mountain Moc 917 is inspired by Danner's original 1960s Canoe Moc, but it's been updated for the modern age with things like a waterproof GORE-TEX liner and Vibram sole for sneaker-like comfort.

Why we want it: First off, that's a fine-looking pair of boots. And because of features like the one-piece leather upper that locks out debris and water, it's ready for all manner of outdoor adventures.

What it is: Antique Pelinkovac's origin story begins in Croatia in 1862, when it was first created by distiller Franjo Pokorny. Following WWII, the recipe was lost for decades. But good news: now it's back, and it recently came stateside with a reformulated recipe that strikes the perfect balance between sweet and bitter.

Why we want it: Bitters and herbal liqueurs are everywhere right now, but Antique Pelinkovac proves there's still room for more. Made from a blend of over 40 botanicals, it's herbal and aromatic, with flavors of anise, fennel and sage. It's easy to drink straight or on ice, but pro bartenders and adventurous home bartenders are also finding that it has lots of application in cocktails, so don't hesitate to mix with it.

What it is: Pickleball Apes makes top-notch paddles for novices as well as experienced players, so you can dominate on the court. Or at least hit some great dinks in the kitchen.

Why we want it: Pickleball is the fastest growing sport in America, as you've undoubtedly heard from your mom, friends, coworkers and everyone else who's playing pickleball right now. Join the crowd, but do so with the right equipment. Pickleball Apes' Neo Line One paddles have a wide, forgiving face that's perfect for beginners, while the Pro Line Energy series features a Kevlar/carbon fiber face that gives the paddles a more muted, softer touch, similar to the string feel of a tennis racquet.

What it is: The Connaught Bar in London is one of the top-ranked bars in the world. Now, it's a book. Bartender extraordinaire Agostino Perrone teamed up with Phaidon for "The Connaught Bar," which gives readers a behind-the-scenes look at this iconic drinking establishment, from a treatise on its perfect Martini to 100+ cocktails recipes and the secret behind many of its homemade ingredients.

Why we want it: Aside from all the great content within — that includes a foreword by renowned chef Massimo Bottura — the gorgeously designed book is the perfect gift, or a smart addition to your bookshelf or bar cart.

What it is: Field Guide's new Flora edition was just released for spring, and it's a very different kind of book from the above. Because you're the author.

Why we want it: The three-pack set features covers designed by Chicago artist, muralist and designer, Emmy Star Brown, and it contains one book each of ruled, dot graph and blank pages, ready to support your notes and drawings.

What it is: Buck Mason's new deck shoe is based on the original 1940s U.S. Navy-issued model, cut from herringbone twill, and made by Moonstar in Kurume, Japan.

Why we want it: Simple in appearance, these shoes are made with a herringbone canvas upper and a natural rubber sole for grip, flexibility and comfort. Though today they're probably more suited to afternoon strolls and patio lunches than manning a station on a battleship.

What it is: Fair Harbor's new Island Linen Shirt lives up to its name. The classic warm-weather staple combines heritage style with 100% organic linen that's breathable, extra-soft and quick-drying. And it's available in four colors.

Why we want it: Summer will be here before you know it, and that's prime time for both islands and linen. Ideally, you combine the two while wearing this shirt, so you can move effortlessly from the pool to dinner to after-dinner Mai Tais.

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