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Netflix Trivia Is What This Is

By UrbanDaddy Staff ·
Until now, Netflix has been a relatively solitary activity.

Most usually done alone.

In silence.

Without the slightest amount of competitive real-time trivia with friends.

But now there’s Plot Guru, which makes that not the case by allowing real-time competitive trivia with friends. It’s available now for iPhone and iPad.

Right now there are 17 shows involved: The Office, The Walking Dead, Arrested Development, American Horror Story and 13 others. But they’re adding new shows and trivia each week—we hear Orange Is the New Black and Breaking Bad are next up.

Say you’ve decided to commit to American Horror Story, and your friend Phoebe is ready for a similar commitment. Both of you download this app, choose said show and create a game with each other. (You could also play by yourself, if so inclined.)

Once you both press play, you’ll be hit with timely questions and nuggets of relatively unknowable knowledge. In other words, trivia.

Things like: What happened to Troy? Is he dying? Did he ever exist? What’s painted behind that wallpaper? Things like that.

At the end, you’ll see who is superior at knowing and predicting a variety of things in a television show. Which will come in handy if you’re ever at a highly specific trivia night.

Probably at no other points, though.

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