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They Call It a Super Remote, So...

By UrbanDaddy Staff ·
We’re getting to that time when pretty much every sport is happening.

It’s a glorious time.

Also, you occasionally like to watch “groundbreaking, premium television.” And Bones.

These things are related. Trust us.

Because of Ray: a sleek universal remote that helps you organize, plan and watch TV in an extremely efficient manner, which feels important at the moment. It’s available now.

This piece of technology syncs with any device in the room: Apple TV, Xbox... you know the devices. It comes in the form of this iPhone-esque touchscreen. Tap the TV button on the home screen for the list of your favorite channels, which you’ve smartly programmed in. Check what’s playing on those channels, and work from there.

You could also search the name of the game, or immediately tap ESPN, or let a discovery tab pull up every sports game on TV presently. Jackpot.

It’ll give you alerts when games are on—and after a while, it’ll start using what you’ve watched to make suggestions for shows.

It’s... learning.

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