Wake It Easy

Your Own Private Sunrise

By UrbanDaddy Staff ·
None Your morning routine:

—Rise with the sunlight.

—Spring out of bed.

—Skip into the shower where you’ll sing the totality of Bob Marley’s Legend before whipping up a frittata and savoring it, robed, out in the crisp morning breeze.

If nothing else, we can facilitate that first part...

With Wakē, a small robot-like device that rouses you with gentle, slow-building light and tranquil, not-alarm-like sounds. It’s available for preorder now and shipping next month.

First, you’ll mount the sleek white box above your bed. Once night falls, you use your phone to let the corresponding app know what side of the bed you’re on, what time you want to wake and what sounds you’d like to be involved (birds, chimes, piano...).

Then, slumber.

In the morning, motion sensors will focus a sunlight-esque ray on you: one that’ll start subtle and get stronger as it goes, as it brings in the sounds. All this will eventually wake you, but allow whoever’s beside you to keep sleeping (rather thoughtful of it). To stop it, you just tap your phone’s screen once.

A feature the sun is still working on.

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