Go Getter

A Local App for Rides and Deliveries

F4c352ff34d8b4562ad68f200d1a7204“Let’s see... I’ll take a large coffee, a new phone and a replacement pair of pants. Oh, and have that all waiting for me in the backseat. Because we’re going to the airport.”

You can say that now, because Get Me just launched. And Get Me is a new Dallas-based app that’s both taking you places and delivering you things, available now for iPhone and Android.

Once you’re all signed up, just choose from the main menu of “Somewhere” or “Something.” The former acts like your typical Uber or taxi app. It’ll dispatch a car to your location, take you to another location, and that’s that.

The latter lets you choose from the populated list of options, which includes everything from groceries to coffee to electronics. So if a new TV would improve the Cowboys opener, someone will bring it to you. Maybe help them carry it inside.

But those are just starting points, because you can also write in special requests for pretty much anything you want. “Whataburger, side of two more Whataburgers” is just one example.

Feel free to copy and paste.

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