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These Two Services Put Your Car to Work

By UrbanDaddy Staff ·
None Mr. John D. Hertz.

Mr. Warren Avis.

Mr. Ebenezer Thrifty.

We’ll assume bronze busts of such giants greet you in the marble rotunda of the Car Rental Hall of Fame. Which we’ll also assume exists.

And one day, you’ll be right beside them.

Because two new-to-Chicago services, Getaround and FlightCar, are now here to allow you to partake in the heady and glamorous world of car rentals, but... better. They’re both available now.

And here’s how they work:

Maybe you’re sleeping. Maybe you’re at work. Your car: just sitting around, not making money. This fixes that. You’ll sign up. You’ll set the price. Then, it’ll do the boring stuff like post your car’s glamour shots and install electronic tracking. The next time some auto-less (and fully vetted) person is in your car’s vicinity, they can rent it. But they can never rent your freedom.

You’re driving to O’Hare. And while you love paying long-term rates, this exists now. So you take a quick detour to Rosemont, drop off your car and get chauffeured to the airport. Then someone rents it while you’re gone and life stays great.

Unless you just took an Uber. Then disregard everything.

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