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Classic Things to Wear at the Summer Buzzer

By UrbanDaddy Staff ·
And just like that, it’s August.

Summer’s last stand.

You’re so close to not needing breathable, aesthetically pleasing shirts while drinking gin on sunny patios.

But until then...

Acquaint yourself with Elk Head Clothing, a new Atlanta-based website filled with things for you to wear while you still can, online now.

This stuff is about as classically American as body-based, wearable items get. It was voted “Best All-Around” and “Most Breathable” in high school, which you hardly ever see in high school superlatives anymore. Now feels like a good time to move on...

Since August has a reputation for being not cold, it only makes sense that some all-cotton, floral button-ups and popovers should come in handy in the great out of doors. They’ll do well in offices, too.

Same thing with the pants. They’re made from a cotton canvas scientifically engineered for the rigors of grass-sitting during picnics, but they fit in just as well during dates at the Fox. Plus, one of the colors is butterscotch, so there you go.

They’ll also have some unstructured blazers and bridle-leather belts coming in the very near future.

You’ll just have to wear structured blazers and suspenders until then.

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