App Quest

These People Will Build You an App

By UrbanDaddy Staff ·
None “I’ve got four words for you. Drone-based dating app.”
—You, to these people

Right. Here to help facilitate all of your spectacular app ideas: Gigster, a new service that hooks you up with some engineers who will happily code... well, whatever the hell you want them to. It’s available now.

We know what you’re thinking. And yes, the time for your interactive fried-chicken map of the Mission has come. And yes, this is a fine time to be alive.

All you have to do is hop on the site and have a few words with an engineer. One who knows Java and iOS and CSS and PHP and other meaningful combinations of three letters.

Share your thoughts on swiping and tapping and other things. Then they’ll make you an app and everything will be magical and fun. And if you change your mind on something, that’s allowed, too. They’ll stay on board after the app is complete to manage things and make any changes.

Then... that’s it. You’re an app maker now.

With the added benefit of not being an app maker in any way whatsoever.

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