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Capes and Cocktail Mist in a London Basement

By UrbanDaddy Staff ·
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You brushed past the Gothic cathedral, steeled yourself and threw your cloak across your shoulders.

Now the fog had gotten thick. Heavy. You drew a deep breath.

No, you’re not pursuing Jack the Ripper. But you are in London.

At a just-opened installation called Alcoholic Architecture, which entails drinking while standing in a cloud of alcohol, now taking reservations.

We should probably explain, so... imagine a foggy weather front. Now imagine it’s composed entirely of cocktails and confined to one room. That’s this. See, humidifiers are used to supersaturate the air with a cloud of spirits and mixers. All of which you’ll be absorbing into your bloodstream via your lungs and eyes. Hence the “50 minutes maximum” rule.

You’ll find it in the basement of a Victorian building next to the UK’s oldest Gothic cathedral. So when they hand you a protective cape with a hood, it’ll feel right. And when they hand you an overproof shot in a human skull, it... might feel right. (See the slightly creepy slideshow here.)

And as for your actual drinks: they’re made from liquids created by monks. Bénédictine. Chartreuse. Trappist beer. Oh, and Buckfast, a caffeinated wine that Scotland’s parliament is trying to ban.

You’ll take a double.

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