Extreme Glamping on a Private Island in Fiji

Complete With Your Own Pancake Chef

By Sarah Freeman ·
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You’re on an isolated island somewhere in Fiji...

Wait, that sounds too Robinson Crusoe.

You’re on a private island somewhere in Fiji, with three friends and an unholy gaggle of Hawksbeak turtles.


A better introduction to Nanuku Island, the uninhabited paradise awaiting you and your aquatic adventures, now just a short boat ride away from Fiji’s Nanuku Auberge Resort.

Yes, that’s a famous property out there. But you’re more interested in the two-mile wide island covered in white sand and lush greenery they’re bringing people to for overnights. It looks just how you imaged this whole private island thing would look.

Spend the day fishing, snorkeling or circling the island on your preferred watercraft. Before long, you’ll come back shore-side for a feast of bamboo-pole cooked prawns and fresh ceviche.

But really, what’s a private island good for if not walking around naked sleeping under the stars? When evening comes, wave goodbye to your personal staff then get comfortable in a hammock for a night of stargazing. Or whatever one does when left to their own devices on a secluded island.

Come morning, you’ll emerge from your tent for a breakfast of pancakes, bacon and eggs. Before doing it all again or returning to the mainland.

With its strange tradition of wearing clothes.
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