Let’s Do Dinner on a Sandbank in the Indian Ocean

Sushi and Tandoori Lobster With an Entire Sea on the Side

By Sam Eichner ·
Occasionally, while looking for incredible things to share with you, we stumble across something so unbelievable, we need to take a moment just to let things sink in.


That was that moment.

Now let’s talk Sandbank Dining at Baros Maldives, your chance to eat tandoori lobster and drink champagne on an actual sandbank in the actual Indian Ocean with someone you probably love. It’s now open for reservations.

With the exception of a meal on the moon, this is about as extravagant as a dinner location gets. You’ll already be staying at a stunning resort in the Maldives, enjoying what must be a pretty damn romantic vacation. But why the hell not turn up the heat?

Just make your dinner reservation for sunset time. When you’re ready, the property will take you out to the sandbank on its own handcrafted Maldivian sailing dhoni, which is par for this particular course.

What you’ll have there: that crazy-good lobster we discussed. Perhaps the braised beef shoulder with truffled mash. Some salad and sashimi from the stations on-site. And, of course, the wine of your choice, as suggested by their very own sandbank sommelier.

You really can’t make this stuff up.
Sam Eichner

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Sandbank Dining at Baros Maldives

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