Enjoy the Views From Your Sri Lankan Tea Farm

While Being Serenaded by Some Talented Monkeys

By Sarah Freeman ·

Welcome to your personal Sri Lankan tea farm.

It has everything you'd expect from a Sri Lankan tea farm.

Except for the actual farming of tea.

Instead you'll just relax at Sisindu T, a private villa sitting atop eight acres of beautiful southeast Asian plantation, now available on Sri Lanka's southern coast. See the slideshow.

When you really need to escape from modern life, this airy estate growing cinnamon, pepper and fruit awaits you and a companion.

And you'll have it all to yourselves, rolling out of your canopy bed to muss weary heads out on the patio overlooking endless green mountains and the Laccadive Sea. Shortly before slipping into the bathtub on your terrace or that infinity pool demanding your attention.

The open-air living room will be the perfect place to catch up on some reading or staring into space. Or to hold an impromptu dance party for two. 

Sometime in between, it will be an even more perfect place for dinner prepared by your private chef. Barbecued local Mahi Mahi with lime butter or lobster curry with roasted coconut will have to do. Sorry.

When not doing those things, you'll just kick back and appreciate your jungle surroundings while being serenaded by peacocks and monkeys. Or take a trip to go whale watching from legendary Mirissa Beach. You can always regain your serenity with an evening yoga session for some quiet meditation.

Should the monkeys allow.

Sarah Freeman

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