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What We Learned at Men’s Fashion Week

By UrbanDaddy Staff ·
And just like that, New York’s first-ever men’s Fashion Week has come to a close.

After all the shows, the backstage interviews, the Dwyane Wade sightings and the profound musings from our brothers at Kempt, we’ve got a lot of thoughts about what it all might mean for you.

Well, 10. We’ve got 10 thoughts.

So here. 10 Thoughts on the First-Ever New York Fashion Week: Men’s.

1. Wearability is directly proportional to edginess... except when it’s not.

2. Sometimes, a gorgeous female model in menswear just makes sense... and embellished full-face masks are still a thing. Somewhere, Kanye rejoices.

3. Occasionally Dwyane Wade and R. Kelly coordinate their hats.

4. Hell, there was a lot going on in general on Twitter.

5. Never turn down a backstage hand massage.

6. If you come across some Michael Bastian sunglasses and patterned Billy Reid pants in the wild, put them all on your being.

7. You could add color to a Public School look. But should you? That, and other loaded existential questions have been sparked.

8. You can’t have next year’s things yet, because it’s still this year. But there are some consolation prizes out there.

9. Here’s your cheat sheet for summing up every show in a single phrase. (Thaddeus O’Neil: “Homicidal alohacore.”)

10. And as for the best stuff: well, everyone loves a gray suede bomber. Everyone.

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