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You Fly Away. Strangers Borrow Your Car. Okay.

By UrbanDaddy Staff ·
None You wouldn’t ordinarily lend your car to a total stranger.

It’s a good rule of thumb. Remember it.

Just... ignore it today.

Recall FlightCar: those people who want you to lend your ride to a random person while you’re traveling... well, it’s better now. It’s an app that’s available in your iPhone now. So there’s that.

As of today, it goes like this: download the app. Plan a trip. Let them know about it. When the day comes, drop your car in one of their lots—they’ve currently got spots close to 14 airports. They’ll chauffeur you to the airport from there.

Then, go. Proceed to walk on sand, drink fruit-forward drinks, whatever else. Meanwhile, a prescreened driver will utilize your car in your absence. It’s all insured, and you can see where it’s at in your phone at any time. Though, checking may mean you’re not vacationing right.

Sure, it’s kind of random. But picture your car wasting a series of summer days with the top up, collecting dust in some unappealing parking lot. That’s a sad visual that no one wants to visualize.

Stop visualizing it.


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