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This App Knows What Everyone’s Deal Is

By UrbanDaddy Staff ·
None Green. Yellow. Red.

It’s worked for traffic lights.

It’s worked for playground games based on traffic lights.

And it’s about to work for making plans with other humans.

Allow Free to explain. It’s a new app that tells your friends exactly what your availability is so you don’t have to, and it’s available now for iPhone.

You’ve been there. You’re casually prepping to re-binge on all of True Detective season 1 when someone texts you a simple message: “Plans?” Chaos reigns.

Alternative scenario: download this thing. You’ll be able to set one of three color-coded statuses: Going Out, Flexible and Busy. We’ll let you figure out which gets what color. And your friends see them, so they know what the deal is before frantically trying to draft you into their trivia league.

Of course, you can also start group chats in-app. Share your locations. Talk about Rodney. Get it together, Rodney.

And on weekends, the app will send you a silent reminder to share your status with friends.

You can also ignore it.

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