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Where to Go Before Your Fourth of July BBQ

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1776: Hell of a year for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

2015: Hell of a year for life, liberty and the pursuit of places to get good steaks for your Fourth of July barbecue.

That’s because Local Foods is now open in Bucktown.

Yes, as you may have heard, there’s sort of an elevated grocery store meets farmers’ market thing happening here—critical for keeping you in bourbon-barrel-aged Michigan maple syrup and Lillie’s Q Carolina Dirt dry rubs. The basics.

Beyond that, though, you’re really going to need this place for two reasons:

What it is: The shop’s little diner with a big counter and an open kitchen where you can watch them make you things like pork-stuffed pasties, roast-turkey-and-rhubarb sandwiches, beef-fat fried potatoes and strawberry pretzel pie.
Why you need it: You read that last part, right?

The Butcher & Larder
What it is: A butcher shop run by Rob Leavitt, the closest thing Chicago has to a celebrity butcher.
Why you need it: First, let’s talk sausage—nine kinds like spicy Napolitana, South African boerewors and currywursts. Now, let’s talk ribeyes—butchered on site from the whole animal. 

Now let’s stop talking because this is the end.

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