Where Detroit-Style Pizzas and Mezze Rigatoni Live in Perfect Harmony

Welcome to Uptown, Longacre

By Pearl Plotkin ·
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We just wanted to quickly congratulate you on all the Detroit-style pizza you're about to eat on a BYOB, dog-friendly patio.

Oh, you didn't know you were about to do that? You are.

At Longacre, a new Uptown restaurant from the Kā'lish owners filled with delicious things from their upbringings in Michigan and Mexico City. It's open now and here's the slideshow.

Show up with a bottle of something nice and prepare to eat a lot of cheese. The menu is an unexpected mix of comfort snacks, Detroit-influenced Italian dishes (read: mezze rigatoni), burgers, hot skillet dips and, of course, those Detroit-style pizzas. We see you with the Motor City Derby with sausage, spinach chévre, tomato and garlic confit.

If al fresco dining is more your thing, head out to the intimate garden that, yes, is dog friendly, and go to town on those pizzas while your pup hangs out by your ankles being cute. 

Oh, and brunch. They have that, too, with anything from whiskey caramel French toast to Frankfurt skillet cakes.

Which dogs probably definitely love.

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